Armor MilBerm™

The military Armor MilBerm™ was designed to be a durable secondary containment berm that can be deployed on any surface. Perfect for long-term deployment in adverse daily-use conditions, it is a puncture-resistant and flexible spill berm suitable for military use.

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Product Details


  • Meets EPA and state regulations for sized secondary containment
  • Rugged design is perfect for long-term or daily use
  • Can be deployed on any type surface
  • All walls designed for drive-over use
  • Easy to set up and relocate (if needed)
  • Drains available for removing rainwater


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Full Description 

Gravel, asphalt, dirt, concrete – it doesn’t matter what the surface is, the military Armor MilBerm can handle virtually all conditions. The berm’s surface areas are reinforced with puncture-resistant ground matting welded directly to the containment body. This also adds weight to the berm, which is beneficial in high wind applications. Stake down the Armor MilBerm for even more wind resistance.


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