Spill Containment Berm Patents

Several decades ago, Basic Concepts Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Justrite, examined the portable spill and secondary spill containment products available for military and government applications. Most of these spill containment products required assembly, inflation, or both.

After many revisions to our innovative and forward-thinking designs, we now offer a full lineup of traditional berm and patented designs* to meet the needs of the varied containment applications across multiple industries.

The following spill containment berm products are patented:

Reliable Secondary Containment Military Berms

  • Industry leader in innovation
  • Awarded more than 10 patents
  • Holds 7 active patents in secondary containment
  • Largest supplier of secondary containment to the U.S. Military


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Justrite can customize our products for many of your specific applications. Whatever your requirements, our custom solution will be durable enough for the most stringent spill control requirements. We are committed to providing the best solution for your needs and more than 40 of our solutions are backed by a National Stock Number (NSN) to satisfy any of your requirements and applications.

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