Military Drip Pads

Military drip pads capture small oil leaks from vehicles, machine parts, batteries and equipment, before they contaminate the ground or create unsafe work surfaces. Drip berms and battery/maintenance spill pads help comply with EPA and SPCC requirements.

Military Drive-Over Drip Pads

Drip berms feature replaceable, oil-only sorbents within a welded leak-proof barrier. Rated for drive-over applications, pads include brass grommets in opposing corners for anchoring (anchoring stakes not included). Pads come in two sizes; extended model is weighted to keep it down in high winds. Outer shell is reusable with optional refill sorbent packs.

Battery/maintenance spill pads deploy instantly in the shop or field. Urethane foam walls feature a “speed-bump” design to accommodate entry and exit without memory loss. Use optional grates to elevate products above fluid.

All Justrite drip pads are made from UV and chemical resistant modified PVC and are available in different sizes to meet user requirements.

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